Monday, May 31, 2010

TPC ConnorMan

I've started golf training with Dad. I started getting tired of "short range" practice and convinced folks that I needed the real deal. So, starting with a trip to the range with Dad and Uncle Ian, I've taken a couple trips to the range. . .

First, you have to set up with the ball and check your line.

It's also important to hold your follow through after the swing. I think I got my hips through on this one.

Did you see where that went? Felt like a fade . . .

Dad, you want me to aim at the man in the cart?? Does he like that??

Uncle hit a couple balls too. He's really getting that driver straightened out.

I know this tee looks pretty high, but I like it this way.

Aunt Wizzzzz (Liz) was up that weekend with Gramma and Grampa too? Finley and Wiz bonded. Wiz was all happy cause she landed a good job too. Congratulations Wiz!!

Then we went back to the driving range with everyone the next day (Saturday). Wiz, Dad, Grampa, and Gramma hit a whole bunch of balls.

Grampa was helping me line up my shots. First rate instruction for free :)

Gramma was helping me get set up, keep my game attitude positive, etc.

And then, on the way home, I crashed. What can I say, I probably hit over 100 balls!!!

Finley was a big hit that weekend too. She has started to smile and gave Grampa a couple.

And, soon after everyone had head home and we recovered, Finley turned 2 months old. she is growing quickly :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oma Came to Play

My Oma was here over May 14 weekend to visit, see Finley, and play. And play we did. A good mixture of golf and trains was enjoyed by all with intermittent breaks for movies, food, etc.

One big event for the weekend was Anna Sofia's birthday party. She turned 3 and had a couple friends over. The moms colluded in making a cake shaped like a birthday castle. They were rather proud of the work. I think it came out well.

We went to the park over the weekend too. I brought my golf clubs and baseball bat. I had a great time when I figure out how far I could hit the hard plastic baseball with my golf clubs. Oma approved, and I got a chocolate milk from Starbucks on top of it.
Finley has started to smile lately. Mom and Dad say she looks like Brian Pfleger, a friend of theirs that is a professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I disagree cause she doesn't look that smart to me. . .
I got my hair cut that weekend too. I was totally surprised when I realized that the mirror I was staring at had a TV screen behind it. Man, why bother with the mirror. Just show the TV!!!
I gotta say that I look good once I'm cleaned up.
Oma took care of Finley while I got my hair cut. Oma hasn't lost her touch.

Oma was happy when she managed to turn a screaming Finley into a sleeping Finley.
Thank you for coming to visit Oma. We can't wait to see you in Sunriver!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finley's in the Mix

So, we're home and Finley is 6 weeks old now. Hard to believe. But, after a couple rough stretches and major dietary changes by Mom to try and cure Finley's stomach problems, we may have things settled now. We'll see I guess. Overall, I gotta say I'm handling things pretty well, but Mom and Dad look worn. . .

We took professional family photos in mid-April, so we've got some documentation of us looking decent. Of course, Finley had to get some good licks in while dressed up.
I went to comfort her, but check out the look she gives me. Man, tough crowd.
Finley has taken a couple baths now. She seems to like the water, and checking herself out in the mirror.
Finley does tummy time here and there. I keep her company when I can.
She works okay as a pillow, but not great. She moves around a lot.
Gramma and Grampa were around when I turned 3 weeks old. We had a good weekend. Dad, Grampa, Uncle Ian, and Roger's brother Bob even managed to get out and golf. I want to go with them one day.
We had some desert that weekend and Gramma made sure I got a chance to have some whipped cream.
More please!!
Do I have anything on my face?
Once everyone was gone, our regular schedule is a little pedestrian. Dad straps on the Moby Wrap every once in a while to carry Finley around. Sometimes she likes being held tummy down to relieve the air in her stomach. But, I don't know what Dad is doing with the soy sauce here.
Sometimes I'm amazed that Finley made it to a month. She's a robust little sucker.
Once the weather turned good, we went out and played golf at Castle Park too. I'm hooked!
And, one day after church, we went to Greenlake Park and played ball. I can hit a couple out of the air. And, sometimes I pitch to Dad.
Keep my eye on the ball. . .