Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Happens in LA, Stays in LA!

Hey Peeps,

I took my parents down to LA Feb 7-10 to go see my Great Gramma and Great Grampa. Little did they know that Gramma and Grampa were coming too as a big surprise. So, we had another family get together. We went to see my 2nd cousins birthday party, ate some good old macaronni and cheese, and played a lot. What can I say, we chilled. . .

I like Gramma's hair. It's fun to pull and suck on.
Great Gramma was excited when I told her about my first 8 months of life. We chatted.
Jaime came over to visit too. It was really good to meet her for the first time. You can see me winding up to give her a patented love slap.

I got to use a vintage family high chair during the trip. Do you like the look? Professor hat, smoking pipe (aka wooden spoon), and thumb cover sucker (pacifier). . .

Aunt Mary. What can I say about Aunt Mary? She is awesome, fun to play with, and willing to teach me street smarts.
Connor is SO BIG!!!!
Another 2nd cousin, Angela. Are you starting to understand why I respond so well to the ladies? They're everywhere on Mom's side of the family! Angie and I talked about the Cali real estate market as we got to know each other.
And then there is Great Uncle David. This guy knows how to party. We started playing with rings.

And then he betrayed me and put one on my ear. Man, I don't have an earing, UNCLE DAVID!!

Really, another bath time picture? Do you guys have some crazy, bottomless desire to see me getting clean?
No, I didn't just pee in the water. I love you.

Dad and I make raspberries at each other. It's our latest hobby.

Me, North, and Stephanie. It was North's birthday party (on the right).

Me and Great Aunt Mary again. She kept talking about taking me home with her. She was just talking about a short trip, right??

Presents? Are these for me? Why not?

Bye Great Uncle David. We'll party again soon!

My Great Grampa can outsmart your Great Grampa any day. My Great Grampa is a rocket scientist!!

Goodbye Great Gramma and Grampa. I have to go home now :(

I'm 8 months old. Do I look happy to you?

Just kidding, I'm happy!

And, I'm almost standing on my own. Do you think I should jump out of the chair?
Wait, paper. What was I just saying? PAPER!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Mommy is Perty at 30!!

Hello Everyone,

My Mommy just had a Birthday!! We had a party for her and it was great! I planned with Aunt Tina and Aunt Jenny and Gramma Cindy and we all made Mom jump up in the air she was so surprised. She also looked scared for her life, but I haven't figured that one out yet.

I hadn't seen Aunt Tina for a while, so we hung out a little bit.

And I had some time with Aunt Jenny too! The Aunts had me a lot this weekend, and I loved it!

We photo well, but still have to edit some shots. Gramma got in on the photo editing here, but I always have final say.

Me Gramma and Grampa! They make me laugh. I think it was all the cake they let me eat when Mom and Dad weren't looking.

Me and Grampa. By the way, notice all the pretty decorations. Uncle Bob and Ian did all of the work. They seem a little too good at decorating, don't they?

Jack and I are still buddies. He likes it when I pull his sensetive hairs.

It snowed in January. I can't wait to get up to the mountains and ski. I suppose I should walk first though. . .

Feels good on the fingers.

Where's Connor??

I was hiding! Could you tell?

Feed me pureed spinach, please!

I got some on my face. It's good for the pores.
And finally, because I am like many other babies, I have reached another developmental milestone. Can you believe this kind of behavior is a good thing? I can get away with anything!!!