Thursday, August 30, 2007

San Francisco Sophistication

Hello Fans,

What can I say? It's hard to keep this thing updated when I'm so popular and busy. But, I don't want anyone to get confused, I'm humble and merciful (300 reference, if you've seen the movie). Anyway, cause I know folks want to see the pictures, let's get to the narrative.

We started at my buddy Chuck's house. He has a nice couch from one of the Nordic countries. Very nice :)

But, not a lot of support when you're trying to sit up and don't have a lot of stomach strength.

Then we went to a Mexican restaurant that my parents liked a lot when they lived in Mountain View. This guy holding me is Zan, and I think this was the first time he held a baby. Not bad for a rookie.

That night we went up north to San Bruno for Uncle Bob's surprise birthday party. Aunt Tina is the one holding me. She keeps trying to compete with Aunt Jenny for #1 aunt status. There is much to be done by them before I bestow #1 status to anyone.

Uncle Brian is holding me here. I think he must have liked dolls when he was a kid cause he was really into me. No problem though, I know I'm pretty intriguing.

Aunt Laura's holding me here. It was a long day, so I'm OUT!! From the look of things, I don't think Laura likes her picture being taken. Or, maybe she just doesn't like the picture taker, my dad.

I posed for some "I'm 2 months old" pictures. Take note of Uncle Bob's Photoshop skills in the picture I'm holding. The composite of pictures are from our time at Chuck's house and our trip to wine country.

I'm showing the depth of my facial expressions here.

Can you here me saying anything here? "I don't know what happened to the car Daddy."

Gotta get clean. Dad did a pretty good job. The tub was a little small.

I'm cute. Nuff said.

Our trip to Sonoma was great. I like grape juice! I was thirsty.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Domestic Tour - Chicago

Hello All,

I wanted to make sure some pictures got out before things get busy and I go back to work. The Chicago trip was great! Connor has already started his network of business associates, collecting the business card from the CEO of Special Olympics Washington on the flight out to Illinois. Anyway, to the pictures, which most of you care about first and foremost.

Omi (German for grandma) gets to hold me in the hotel room before my Aunt Charise's wedding. Of course, she is enthralled with me!

I got clean a couple of times in Chicago. I'm upset because the service was shotty and the towel they used to dry me off was not nearly soft enough. Come on people!

My Opi held me as well. Why did I just haul off and hit him you might ask? I don't know, men fight . . .

And then we made up. I didn't feel like beating him up anymore.

My dad met up with his friend Todd, who came up from Springfield. Todd brought his new fiance Hannah, who also fell in love with me.

This is my new friend Ava. Her mom and my dad were friends in high school. Ava was born premature, so she still has a feeding tube in her nose. The way I see it, just another way to eat! I love food :)

Dad and Kathy again. Ava and I got tired of all their talking, so we just slept.

This guy on my right is Jack. He is my mom's friend's kid. He's pretty fun, although he did try to hit me a few times. Again, boys just fight.

Just me and Jack hanging out. My dad keeps saying that we look like 90 year old, crotchety old men, hanging out on the front porch watching the world pass by. I think I'm going to pummel my dad when I get big enough, like next week.

Me and my Oma. She makes me smile :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

New Tricks

Hey People,

It's been a busy, busy time. What can I say, a bawlers life is never boring. I've been piling on the new tricks and getting ready for the trip to Chicago. Now I'm here and I thought I'd recap a bit. Plus, I know I've kept some adoring fans out there waiting for the latest post, so here it is. Sorry to say it's never as good as the real thing. But, I do house calls for a small fee (or milk). Of course, there's only one milk vintage that will do . . .

My fans are always sending me their stuff to wear. This one came from a sweet girl out of Kirkland, Washington.

I got this shirt from a wall street type out of San Francisco. I think of it as my muscle shirt cause of the way it fits. As for the message, I always smell good.

On the way to Chicago, had a couple of drinks to calm the nerves and live it up with a good buddy of mine.

Drunkin happy times, yo!!

And then we sleep . . .

Once we hit Chicago, wanted to spend some quality time with Oma (German for grandma). I got this lady wrapped around my little finger. No worries though, I won't take advantage too much.

Had some pizza that night and Grandma didn't know I could pass wind like the Windy City.

Finally, this is a little out of sequence, but started working on a new trick last week. Check it out!