Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Lord is Risen

Yes, believe it or not, Easter has to do with Jesus. But, around the Scharpenberg house, Easter also has to do with eggs and candy and bunnies. Its all very complicated, but we have fun regardless. On the Thursday night before Easter, Jenny and Ian came over to dye some Easter eggs. Finley got very "hands on" with the project.
Both Connor and Finley had a great time coloring eggs.
Connor was a little color master, carefully planning his mixtures.
Finley, although she did copy her brother a little bit, spent more time moving the eggs through as many different colors as possible. In the end, it usually resulted in the magical "golden egg".
On the Saturday of Easter weekend, we went over to our neighbor's place. They pulled together a first rate Easter egg hunt and generally fun get together. They even brought in some baby chicks for the kids to see.
Connor got hands on with the chicks. Don't squeeze buddy!!!
The egg hunt was awesome. Finley did a good job and had fun looking for eggs.
I just love this picture! "Hello sir, have you seen my eggs?"
Behold, a very rare "mommy picture". I like the sunlight hair, accentuating Tanya's angelic nature :)
"Kind Sir, have you seen my eggs?"
Our neighbors have a lower back yard, so this was the overall picture. It was Easter mayhem . . . priceless!
Connor in motion, gathering up his bounty.
Connor sitting on the bench, inspecting and protecting his bounty.
Finley, eating her bounty.
On Sunday morning, the kids came downstairs to see that the Easter bunny had brought them some baskets of goodies.
Finley in a little bit of shock.
Connor, in pure heaven.
We also had an Easter egg hunt at our house. Here is Finley in the act, finding eggs in the bathroom.
And of course, what is Easter morning without chocolate. . . before 8AM.
And for Finley, what is any good day without bling?