Saturday, February 4, 2012

Whistler Ski Fest

Well, it feels like a century ago, but our ski trip to Whistler was only 3 weeks ago. We had a great time and it was a great chance for Connor to get some consecutive ski days and really work on his skills. . . .and have some fun!
This first day we went skiing, it was snowing too and we pulled out all the warm weather gear to keep from getting cold.
That day we found the tree fort on Whistler mountain. Who knew such a fun play oasis existed hidden on the mountain?
Connor had a lot of fun. So did I.
When we skied Blackholmb the last day, we found the castle area. It was a lot like the fort with slides and everything.
We also got lunch on the mountain the last day. We made sure Connor got his french fries.
Back in the condo every night, we had fun resting from the days activity and acted silly.
Connor got some great self photos of him and Aunt Liz.
Leah was on the trip too. She put up with the Scharpenbergs with great attitude as our kids ran through the condo, Leah's room, and her bathroom repeatedly.
I promise Tanya, Aunt Jenny, and Uncle Ian made the trip too, but she was hard to photograph. We did get video of Connor skiing though. Anyone want to join him for a day on the mountain soon?

Snowmageddon 2012

Alright, I've heard the question enough times that I need to provide documentation. "Hey, how was the weather there? I saw you got a lot of snow. . ." We got maybe a foot in total through a couple of snow falls in mid-January, maybe a bit more. And, because we live at the bottom of a hill, we end up with all the kids (and their parents) in the neighborhood sledding in front of our house.
Finley got a new snow suit for this winter, especially because we knew we were going to Whistler at the end of January.
I took the kids for a couple of sledding sessions over a couple of days. Connor was a great big brother and wanted to help pull Finley up the slope.
And, Connor had a great time going on his own a bunch too.
Finley wasn't always set on sledding, so at one point, Tanya got her out on her tricycle.
Yee haw!!!!!
So, the snow is gone now, but it was just the right amount to reacquaint Finley to the snow and get some sledding in. . . and test the snow gear.

Chicago New Years

It's amazing, as I look back, at the pictures that are taken versus the ones that aren't. I have a lot of photos of the kids, but not enough of us or family. I think it may be time to remember that Connor and Finlay do not constitute the center of the universe. . . .or do they?
We made it to Chicago for New Years and had a really great trip. I think there were XMAS presents to open within an hour of hitting Oma and Opa's house, but why wait?
Finley is a pro now at opening presents and was happy to get a little house to play with. Connor opened a Cars race track and remote control car.
In Oma and Opa's place, there is a great spot to stand at the top of the stairs and see all of what is going on. Finley has her dictatorial review face on.
During the trip, we went to the Field Museum and saw Sue, the best/largest T-Rex skeleton on display. Connor and Finley really like dinosaurs, so it was a hit. I, of course, didn't take photos of the family :( We enjoyed this day with my brother Brandon and the family: Sue, Ryan, Josh, Emma, and my mom too.
One night we went out to dinner with my grandmother, also known as Omi.
We went to Dover Straight, a favorite restaurant of mine for the fish. The kids, of course, had french fries.
We also made it to a "Noon Years Eve" party with Kim and Jim Quilty. When you put our kids together, you get absolute pandemonium, and the picture below.
Connor in his New Years Eve costume.
Finley rock'n New Years "Elton John" style.
And finally, towards the end of the trip, we saw another bunch of friends. Brian and Laura came down from Wisconsin, and Brian/Beth drove in from Chicago. I, of course, only have pictures of Connor eating ice cream with Jocelyn. But, they really did like that ice cream :)
And, not to be totally forgotten, we did have dinner with my sister Charis and her husband, and also got to see my buddy Todd and his wife/baby too. I don't have any pictures though, so you may have to picture absolute bliss in your mind's eye. I need to just take more pictures. Let's see if I live up to that goal in the coming months. . .