Monday, May 21, 2007

Ultrasound Pictures

Alright, I do have the ultrasound pictures on my computer today, so here they are. You'll have to use your imaginitaion a bit as the technology shows things in cross-section. The first two pictures of Berg are in cross section right down the center of his/her body and give a nice profile. The other one gives a cross section from the perspective of looking straight at Berg's face. As a result, you get a nice skull and crossbones type of look. Enjoy :)

The Beginning

Hello Everyone,

Tanya and I have started this blog to try and keep everyone posted on the EXTREMELY exciting world of the Seattle Scharpenbergs. Baby Berg is about 3 weeks away, give or take a week. I'm voting for a late delivery by maybe 4 days. Tanya votes for yesterday or the day before. Either way, we're in the home stretch. We'll try to post pictures and such to keep everyone up to date. If I'm not too lazy tonight, I'll take some pictures of the very beautiful, prego Tanya and post them so you can all see the "progress". Take care.