Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm Older Now, and I Have FEELINGS!!!

Hey Folks,

Dad's a little behind the curve here, so we'll make this quick. There are Thanksgiving pictures to process, and even though I am fond of the old guy, he needs my help if he's going to keep up. Kind of sad, but likable at the same time.

This is the feeling of happiness. I'm pretty sure there's some grownup making ridiculous faces at me behind the camera. I love it when they make fools of themselves :)

This is tempered terror. Look at this crazy beast trying to take my foot off for an appetizer. Good thing I put him in his place.

This is ecstatic! Look at my sweet sweater from Uncle Zan featuring my dad's alma mater. Not to mentioned, I just took a big swig from the glass of wine to my rear-left :)

This is hungry. FEED ME!!!!

This is teething. How would you look if a sharp bone was working its way through your skin?

This is the feeling of awesome. I know you probably don't think "awesome" is a feeling, but that's what you're seeing here. I've got my super-cool vest on and I'm looking pretty glamour-shot-ish. Looking like this, I can get away with anything.

This is mischievous. I've got something up my sleeve. Do you know what?

Still feeling mischievous. Here it comes . . . .

The meltdown. . . .

Is HERE!! I'm feeling like kicking puppies across the room!!! Stop taking my picture. Give me what I want!! No, I don't know what I want. GIVE IT TO ME!!!!

Next edition, Thanksgiving. . .

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Let Them Come Pay Hommage!!

I'm a busy man, but never too busy for family. I can't always come to them, but certainly, let my loving subjects come to me. Two weeks ago, Grampop and Grammy came to visit from Philly. Next weekend, there will be some 15 people here (Thanksgiving, to see me, what's the difference?). Two weeks after that, Omi and Oma are coming to visit (Dad's mom and grandma, for those of you that haven't been briefed on the naming conventions yet). And two weeks after that, I'm pretty sure Santa is coming to drop off some packages for me :)

Anyway, let's get to the show. . .

June and I were hanging out for a little wile. I'm wearing Dad's hat here. Almost fits.
Grandpop and I watchin the Seahawks game. We're enjoying some man time.

I don't have your Soy Latte! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Leave me be!

This is Mackenzie. She lives next door. She likes me. Can you see the moment we are sharing?

Mom and Dad get tired sometimes. I think they're just getting old. I'm not sure, but I think food poisoning played into Mommy's downtime. Dad has no excuse. He's weak!

Me and Gramma. This is before she accused me of taking her Soy Latte.

Grandpa was in the mix for this picture. Most people don't know that his nickname is Andre the Destroyer.

Been working on my flexibility, and here are the results. Take note of the new, unfinished kitchen island I'm sitting on. Hope to have the granite counter top by mid December.

Me and Grandpop again. He has that Eagles tee-shirt on, but he really likes the Seahawks most, right Grandpop? :)

Showing my range here. This is the, "No I don't know anything about parking tickets. . . " look for Mom and Dad. I think it will be very effective.

Whew, risque. I like grabbing the little waterfalls.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Camera - NO PRIVACY!!!

Hey Connor Addicts,

Yeah, I know it doesn't sound very nice, but if you guys are still coming back to see the pictures and hear about my (so totally awesome) life, you are addicts. No worries, it's just a matter of time before everyone is. . .

As the title suggests, the Ps (parents) bought a new fancy schmancy camera. So, the pictures could get better from here on out, assuming they can figure out how to use this crazy thing.

First new picture with the camera. Hard to tell if the picture is any better since I make just about anything look good.

Bribed by "Flying Baby" to smile. I couldn't help it.

My impersonation of the "Thinker".

Different take on the "Thinker".

No comment.

This is my come hither look for the ladies.

Yup, flexible. And ladies, I'm so sweet my feet taste good.

I'd never had bear meat before. Tastes pretty good.

Harvest Party at church. I partied pretty hard, so I needed a nap.

Dad thought he could eat some cereal right in front of me. GIMME!!!

I'm eating rice cereal now. This are pictures of my first time. I was a little trepidatious to start, but of course pulled it off cause I'm just that good.

A king sitting over his court. Bring me more mead!

Yeah, I like having some food on my face. It's manly.

I'm tired.

Hi there, you want to be my friend?

You're all covered with fur. Soft, fuzzy, intriguing . . .

We can be friends.

Alright, a little background. Mom has a group of other moms that she meets with once a week. They were over here this past Monday with all their kids. The moms decided it would be a good idea to pile all us kids together on the sofa in our Halloween costumes. Check out the little one in the front left. I think he had too much to drink. I'm trying to hunker down and hide. No respect!

Chewin on the hand wearin my hat from Auntie Nay-nay

Another come hither look for the ladies. Are you feelin me?

I'm happy.

Me in my Halloween costume.

More Halloween costume. See you all next time around.