Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Big Oh-One!

Sooo, I had a birthday not too long ago. And everyone knows that where there is a first birthday, there is a first birthday party!

This cake was ALL mine. It was pretty hard to look at it all morning and not be able to touch.

Everyone else had to settle for cupcakes.
Of course, we had to have some lunch before the cake fun could begin.
But then, finally, we got to the main event. Here I go...
Mmmm, polka dots.

I liked picking the chocolate dots off of my cake. They were tasty! But...

I was NOT so pleased when all the blue stuff started sticking to my hands. The darn stuff was impossible to get off no matter how hard I shook my hands.
It didn't help that I had chocolate up my nose.
So, I left my partially destroyed cake... cleaned up a little...

...and moved on to chewing on my candle.
No mess involved!

My Aunt Tina (who flew in to surprise me for my birthday!!!!) took a video of me with my cake. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Over the river and through the woods.

Last month when my daddy went to Romania for a week, mom and I went down to Portland to stay with gramma and grampa.

This is me getting comfy in my high chair...or am I trying to fend off the rabid dog eyeing my cracker?

Haha, I win. I still have the cracker and not a dog in sight...but who is tickling my foot???

I have taken a disliking to diaper changes and getting redressed. So, I thought I'd let my legs get a little fresh air.

Mommy couldn't even get my onesie buttoned before I took off. :)

Can't catch me...'d you get over there???

I'll just have to sneak right by you.

Who needs a nap? Not me!

One of my new favorite pastimes is pushing cars around the house. I even got grampa to play with me.

Vroom, vroom.

Getting some quality gramma time.

And giving my best "hey pretty lady" look. What to do you think?

Gramma and grampa have a great deck that I loved playing on. I liked going in and out, in and out and I could do it without any help! There were some cool chairs to play with too. I'm not sure what exactly mom had me dressed in, but I make even that outfit look good!

I got to take a bath in the sink! I wonder how many sinks I've taken baths in now? While I was taking a bath Aunt Melissa was getting ready for a party...and she sure looked pretty. I couldn't stop staring...

Once she was gone, I could go back to the important work of catching running water in my hands. I even figured out how to turn the water on and off.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm an Amnimal . . . At the Zoo!

Hey Folks,

With all the food throwing and wild sounds I make these days, Ma and Pa thought it was time to take me to see "my people". We went to the Zoo on what feels like the only nice day this spring and had a good ol' time. Check it out.

Dad strapped me in my cage (again). I guess it's better than a leash?

I'm maybe 3 feet from a lion, but I decided to stare down this kid next to Dad. "Back off, I'm hungry and not afraid to bite!!"

Huphalump! Come here, I want to pet you.

I see you paparazzi. I better get a piece of the proceeds.
Did you know that Dad uses me to pick up chicks (just to the left off camera). Check out that winning smile. What a dingis.

"Dad, the huphalump is over there! And by the way, your hair smells very nice."

Roar!! Feed me meat (crackers)!!
I'll top that off with a little Perrier.
Picnic on the lawn. I even cross my legs. But it has nothing to do with being proper, but trying to deal with the pain of the super small hat Mom and Dad crammed my melon into.

Monday, June 9, 2008

11 Months Old

Hey Everyone,

Right after I started walking, Dad left town (Romania) and I want down to Portland with Mom to see Gramma and Grampa. At 11 months old, I love to walk. Anyway, here's what I look like these days. Pretty irresistible if you ask me.