Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Vacation...Another Sink

How come every time we go on vacation I end up taking a bath in another sink?!? Don't any of these other houses have bathtubs???

I don't like it...I don't like it!
Is this not one of the most pathetic faces you've ever seen?
Finally, I'm out of that sink...and look at my cool hair!
No pictures please...
Well, okay...I am pretty cute after all. :)

Maybe next time we'll find a tub...


Big sunglasses. Everyone is wearing them. All I wanted to do was see how I would look. (The answer...AWESOME!!!) But why do I have the feeling that these pictures are going to come back to haunt me in my teenage years?

Play Time

We also went to the park while we were in Sunriver. I love the park...the rocks, the dirt...oh and the swings and slides, too!

Aunt Tina and Oma pushed me and Brooke on the swings. I think Brooke might be a little big for the baby swing...what do you think? :) Speaking of too big for swings...hmmm...Mom even managed to make it in a picture...I wonder what the occasion was?

Did I mention that I like the slide? I think I wore Oma and Gramma out going up and down, up and down.
I even went on the merry-go-round. See the white knuckle grip?

And what do grown ups do at the park you ask...

Adult Swim

So, for 15 minutes every hour, they kick all of the kids out of the pool for adult swim. Their alleged reason is to give the life guards a break...but I'm on to them. The real reason they kick us all out is so the adults can use the slide without sharing with us kids. A little selfish if you ask me...what kind of example are they setting? Of course, my aunts, uncles, grampa, and daddy were fighting to be first in line!

Uncle Een in his big wind-up... ...and his cannon ball entry. Is he really plugging his nose??? (And, did you catch grampa lounging in the bottom of the picture?)
Now it's Daddy's turn...
...but he went for the straight entry. He's a little piked and his legs aren't together, so I can only give him an 8.5. He's also plugging his nose!
Next, went Aunt Ma (it's actually Melissa, but I call her Ma for's much easier.)

Uncle Eric also went for the straight entry. His superb form earns him a 9.8...though he should get bonus points because he was man enough not to plug his nose.

Pool Time!!!

Okay, okay, enough about Daddy and his mad mountain climbing skills...let's get back to me and my trip to Sunriver! While we were there we went to the pool a couple of times. They had a great kiddie pool and a BIG POOL with two slides. I didn't try the slides this time around, but watch out for me next year!

My Oma and Gramma watched me as I tried the pool for the first time.
I had lots of fun splashing in the water...
...and Daddy even got in on the fun. :)
Oma took me to play with the spray toy in the middle of the kiddie pool.
Then we got serious. The life jacket went on...
...and I made a trip into the BIG POOL!!! I wasn't such a big fan of the life jacket. It rode up and squished my face.
I was overwhelmed by the vast nature of the BIG POOL, so Gramma took me back to the kiddie pool. Then they made the big mistake of trying to make me ride in the whale...I was not a fan.

But, don't feel too bad for the whale...because my cousin Drew loves it!

My cousin Brooke is taking a break in the kiddie pool...but you should see her skills in the big pool. I can't wait until I can swim like her and Drew!
Finally, I will leave you with this mildly disturbing picture of Daddy wearing Brooke's cherry hat...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Dad is Studtastic!!

Anyone who knows my daddy knows that he likes a good adventure. Well, this summer he's been on a couple of big adventures. Back in June he climbed Mt. Hood down in Oregon and last weekend he climbed Mt. Rainier here in Washington! He had lots of fun and managed to come back in one piece both times...though the sun may have gotten the best of him on Mt. Rainier. He keeps saying his face is going to fall off. I sure hope it doesn't...that would be gross. I thought I'd share some of daddy's cool pictures with you...

Now we just have to listen to daddy say "I own you!" every time he sees one of the mountains. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...Again!

While we were in Sunriver I had ANOTHER birthday lucky am I??? I had a great time listening to everyone sing to me.

I smiled.
I clapped.
I laughed. I loved it!
Then I got to take some pictures with my cousins, Brooke and Drew. (Don't be scared by Drew's growl...he won't bite.) All they had to do to get us to smile was promise us a big piece of that yummy looking chocolate cake...yay!
I had to do a little stretching to make some room in my tummy.
Then I got presents!!! Uncle Scott, Aunt Julie, Brooke, and Drew brought me two trucks and three nerf cool!
I was so excited I didn't know what to do with myself.
And a truck!
I am so spoiled...

...and I LOVE it!!!