Sunday, September 18, 2011

Austrians Attack

Hello Everyone :) It has been a long, great summer. But, its meant that we haven't posted many blog postings. This one is a month late, but we were really lucky to have Christian, Jurgen, and Jenny come visit from Austria. We had a lot of fun with them in Europe in May, and now they come to visit us in Seattle.

Christian and Jurgen are in a band together and both are good at playing guitar. Finley really liked listening to Christian play.

I really enjoyed jamming with Christian with my instrument of choice, the recorder.
I also learned a new skill from Christian, smoking :) I didn't really try the "lit on fire kind", but the whole thing of taking a smoke break on the deck was great!

Each morning waking up, Christian and Jurgen got to see the real us with bed head and all.

Jurgen and Jenny came a few days after Christian had already arrived and they got into the act really quick, making us kids laugh.

The Friday morning of their visit, we cracked into a big bubble toy they bought us. It was awesome!

We kept trying to make them bigger.

Jurgen got a lot of mileage out of this attempt.

Finley couldn't help herself towards the end and just had to immerse herself in some bubble mix.

For the rest of Friday, Daddy took Christian, Jurgen, and Jenny into Seattle. They started at one of the piers, overlooking Puget Sounds, having lunch.

They then went to Pike Place Market to check out the fish, flowers, and everything else.

On the way out from the market, we noticed that they Hard Rock Cafe was close bye.

Jenny, Jurgen, and Christian visit wherever they can. I think they look cool posing here.

After the Hard Rock, they made it to the Space Needle at the Seattle City Center. They almost look a little too happy :)

The views from the Space Needle were really good. Mt Rainier was showing.

Daddy caught Jenny and Jurgen in a cuddly moment. But really, that isn't too hard :)

After the Space Needle, the went to HempFest in Seattle. What is Hemp, Daddy?

From the signs next to the stage, it looks like Hemp is a nice plant.

Saturday morning, before taking Christian to the airport, Mommy finished a cake and dropped it off for a birthday party. She continues to enjoy making cakes :)

After Christian went to the airport, and Mommy/Daddy shed a few tears, they all went out to the arboretum. While Jurgen and Daddy enjoyed the sun, they also shared some profile views of their awesome physiques.

Jenny managed a few moments with her feet in the water before they pressed on to have lunch at Agua Verde.

Really, that Saturday at the arboretum was a beautiful. Finley and I were down in Portland with Gramma and Grampa, having our own parties.

And, to round out that Saturday, Jenny and Jurgen made sushi for Mommy and Daddy. It was a really great trip and we miss them all already.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunriver 2011

Honestly Folks, this summer is flying. I can't remember when anything has happened, but its all been good. It was about a month ago that we were in Sunriver and its high time to get these pictures on the blog.

We started the trip out pretty quickly. We got into Sunriver, parked the car, and got ready for the kids racing event. I was #480.

Everything was low key until we started racing. Finally, after too many months, I got to see my cousins.

Oma and Mom got a chance to catch up too.

Then it was time to race!! Check out the kid in the lower right hand of the picture. I think the bouncy obstacle was trying to eat her :(

After the obstacle portion was a bike race. I was a little "off" because I got my feet wet on the obstacle section, but I still went fast.

Then it was the final leg, the foot race. I made up time here. Look at the determination in my eyes.

In stark contrast, Julie, Dad, and Scott ran the half marathon the next day. This picture is of Dad about 9 miles in. He just decided to stop and have a chat with Grampa and Opa.

We were at the finish line. . . carbo loading. . .waiting for everyone to finish.

Finley was worn out from watching all the activity, so she took a nap that day with Oma.

The night of the half marathon, a bunch of us took a dip in the hot tub. We had to try and loosen up the muscles.

Then, the rest of the week is a jumble of great memories. Brooke and Finley hit it off, sharing a little time in the stroller together.

Finley really likes that Chariot.

We had a lot of BBQs on the back porch.

We spent some time at the park playing too. I think this picture is just a "grumpy old men" shot. What do you think they are talking about?

Soon after this picture was taken, I think Drew got launched off of his seat. Do you think Mortie and Griffen, the dogs, are waiting for a turn?

We spent a lot of time at the pool too. Here are the ladies, sunning themselves by the pool.

I was playing with Grampa in the pool. We spent a lot of time chasing each other around.

Finley was sporting all of her summer dresses, many for the first time. Did I mention that summer in Seattle has been, well, miserable.

We all spent some time at the short golf course too. One day, before playing, we took family pictures.

The Scharpenbergs were really hard to get in a single shot. We were always looking on different directions.

The Christies took a bunch of nice pictures. I think they practice.

Andres here, at least currently named and engaged (crazy kids).

Mom and Dad, looking pretty nice. They must be reading a lot of People Magazine lately. They have the glasses, the smiles, looking sporty, etc.

Ah yes, the sisters and their den mother. No snide comments here. . . too dangerous :)

Gramma, Grampa, and us kids. I'm so glad they get us together each year. However, I don't like pictures sometimes, so I'm balling in this one.

And then, we finally got to playing golf.

And then there were the bike rides. I really liked my new bike that hooks on to Daddy's. We went fast.

To keep Uncle Scott happy, we went to see Cars 2 during the week. Everyone liked it.

We found time to play tennis too. Dad and I make a good team.

Drew and I teamed up for a while. It took us a while to get a good playing rhythm, but pals like us always figure it out.

And, to stay nutritionally balanced throughout, we had ice cream. Feed my face. . . . PLEASE!!!!

Drew talked about some guy Ce-Lo throughout the week. I don't know that guys music, but he must be really cool.

To cap the week off, we had Laugh Olympics at the park near our house. Finley and Opa were mostly spectators, and big time encouragers.

Between events, we assaulted Uncle Ian. Not much else to say. No citations issued . . .

Glamour shot of Finley and Auntie NayNay.

Mom was dialed in.

Actually, everyone was competitive. I think some folks were even cheating. . .

This was Uncle Bob and Aunti Tina's last night. Everyone was a little sad to say goodbye.

Did Uncle Bob wet himself?

At some point in the week, we celebrated Uncle Scott's big 40th birthday. That cake didn't survive long, I tell you that.

I did manage at least one extra round of golf with Dad. I do love that course. Beautiful!

And before we all knew it, we were done. The week at Sunriver goes way too fast. But, its a blast, every last minute.