Friday, October 19, 2007

Orange Blobs of Mostly Gooey Goodness

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! People, it's OCTOBER!!! Don't let the stores confuse you, Christmas isn't here yet. But, Halloween is almost here, and with it comes the candy!!! That's what I'm talking about, chocolate milk!!!! Anyway, as always, here come the pictures :)

Hangin with Gramma at the pumpkin patch. We look good together, huh?

As always, someone is messing with me. Farmer Connor, ha ha. But, you just can't hold me down, and I still make it look good!

I'm not sure, but I think I was contemplating taking over the world while they took this picture.

This is my "grumpy old man taking a dump" impression. Nice, huh?

Lookin good with Gramma again. Did you notice how the pumpkins seem to crowd in around us? I think the pumpkins were baby-eaters. . .

Not even 4 months old at this point and I've got Mom totally snowed. She loves me!

Okay okay, I love her too.

Check out my deadbeat dad!! Asleep on the couch, probably after some heavy wine consumption. I, of course, want to be like my dad and simply followed suit.

4 months old.

My serious, looking-into-the-distance look. I think it adds depth to this scene's composition. . .

I also have a carefree, fun-loving side.

Gramma has me laughing here. Pretty good work from the experienced caregiver.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sir Pose-A-Lot

People, I am at the end of my rope!!! Britney Spears, Brad Pit, Desmond Tootoo, The Pope, whatever. . . . I got more attention than any of them. It's just ridiculous. These people are there when I go to sleep and there when I wake up. They've always got a camera and the pictures are just insulting. And, do they ever quote me correctly . . . . NO!!!! I swear, if you listen to these idiots you'd think I was this blabbering, drooling, milk sodden, pants pooping idiot. See for yourself.

Caught me right after I woke up. Of course I look confused. I think the called me constipated for this picture.

Then I smiled. I was still sleepy and I got confused. I thought I was looking at one of the ladies I spent the night with. Turns out it was just a reporter.

Of course, they kept taking pictures as I figured it out. Can you see the rage building on my face?
I had a bender, so what? I was tired, and I had my pants unbuttoned cause I ate a lot. When you work as hard as I do, your entitled to blow off a little steam.

Alright, this is me on the set of my new film set in Alaska. I vetoed this hat right after they put it on me. But, the paparazzi has me looking like a fool again. I know 90% of the voting public loves this look, but I can't get any respect with my boyeeeeeeeeez wearing this thing. Have you seen the Christmas Story with Ralphie?

You have to admit thought that, even in this hat, I look AWESOME!!!

I'm hot!


This shot is from my prep portfolio. Can you say Abercrombie and Scharpenberg?

I was working a magic trick here. I usually get it to work, but this time I couldn't get the ball to fit in my mouth. Very confusing. . .

Penetrating eyes. Zoolander style.

Posing with a purpose.

No comment. I don't recall that evening

Again, no comment. I don't care to recall that evening :)