Thursday, January 24, 2008

January in Chicago - I can't feel my face :(

Hello Everyone,

Back from the party in Chicago. It was cold, nuff said. My dad was there for a weeks worth of Accenture training and Mom and I stayed with Oma and Opa. At the end of the week, we all went down to Springfield to see Uncle Todd get married on Jan 19. Anyway, that's where most of these pictures were taken. Enjoy.

I'm tired here after some quality party time with Brian. He's an animal!

Laura and I decided to play with my green spoon. We were all just hanging out at my Oma and Opa's house on a Saturday in Chicago. Brian and Laura drove down from Wisconsin to see me (and maybe my parents). Brian is a newly minted professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I feel like he's got a lot of smarts, but he still makes my shake my head sometimes :)

These pictures should be at the end of the set, but Dad was too lazy to move them. I turned 7 months old on Jan 19th, the same day Todd got married in Springfield, IL. These pictures were taken a little late when we got back to Seattle cause Mom and Dad area little behind. It's okay, I still love them.

Oh yeah, I'm starting to try and stand. I can stay on my feet with a little help from others, or in this case, some couch cushions.

Slowly sliding back down to sitting position . . . Gimmi that sign!!!

Me, Dad, and Oma at Todd's rehearsal dinner. I met a whole bunch of new people this night. We're all really tight now. Pat was there. I like her lots. She always has lots of cool toys and such for me when I come back to Chicago, loaners from her grandkids.
Dad totally embarrassed my when he took me out to dance with Todd for the dollar dance. Mom, have you no shame letting me get suckered into this kind of thing?

Gotta get clean. And, Mohawks are cool, right?
Sinks taste awesome, especially my Oma's!

Got a chance to play with my buddy Jack while I was back in Chicago too. My mom and Kim got together a couple of times, so us boys hung out too.
For a second I thought I wanted both my spook and book . . .
But I decided to share.
And we didn't have to throw down, but could stay buddies.
We also managed to get matching shirts. Can you say, "Lock up your daughters!"
We thought it should read, "Lock up your wives and daughters!"
Wait, we're wearing the same outfit! Dude, get your own!
Decided to accessorize with a "professor hat" too. Makes me look like Uncle Bob :)
He baby, what's your sign?

Pat and her granddaughter Elly.
Me and Oma. This teething ring also works as an anklet.
My and Jack again.
No, we aren't holding hands, so don't ask.
I might have been tired. What do you think?

I like baths
Clean me please!!
And, Aunt Jenny put her glasses on me here. I look like Quin, don't you think?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy 2008!!

Hello Everyone!! I'm in Chicago this week visiting my Oma and Opa, as well as seeing my Uncle Todd get married. I thought it would be a good idea to get some pictures up on the blog now before the new set comes out. Just trying to keep them coming :)

I got a lot of cool toys for Christmas!! I'm a big fan of these stuffed blocks. I get to beat the
#$^& out of them for stress relief, and no one gets hurt.

They're tasty too!!The bath is nothing new, but I'm getting better at the whole affair. I get a full tub's worth of water now, and playing with my ducks is one of my favorite things to do.
What you talkin' bout, Willis?
Hey, what's your name? Want to go get a drink with me after water aerobics?

I like to try and grab things that are just outside of my reach. Remotes are a particular favorite.

My cousins Ryan and Josh got me this Chicago Bears outfit for Christmas. The team didn't make it to the playoffs, but I look good.
No, I'm not really crawling yet, but I'm gettin' close. . .