Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heaven on Earth

So, two weeks ago on a Friday morning, I thought Gramma and Grampa might have stolen me. We went on a ride in the car and ended up on a ferry.

At time I felt like an animal in a cage.
But, I do love them, so I decided to trust.
And it turns out they were taking me to heaven! I can only imagine that the natives called it Useless Bay (on Whidbey Island) to keep the uninformed main-landers away.
I played hard for the morning and then tucked in with Gramma before taking a nap.
Then, later in the afternoon, Mom and Dad and Finley showed up as well. "Gramma-in-law" Christie took a couple turns with Finley. At time s Christie looked like a pretty good "Finley-whisperer".
The first night's sunset was awesome. I saw Dad out on the deck watching the whole thing go down with a glass of wine in his hand. We were staying at Bob and Christie's place on the island (aka Heaven).
Just magnificent.
The next day, Ian and Jenny showed up and we all had a great day together. Finley had on her safari hat, in pink of course.
After a long walk in the morning, we went out on the sand flats after the tide went out. "Run Daddy!!"
Look at the Jones lady clan. Naynay, Mommy, and Gramma, plus Finley makes 4.

But we did have the boys too.
That night we went out to clear the crab pots to see if we could have stone crab for dinner. With a decent catch, we had crab two nights in a row :) As we looked back from the boat, we could see the house where we were staying.
Yeah, men on the hunt. Come here crabbies!!
Hey Bob, keep the line commin' in and I'll coax the crabs up with my boyish smile.
And, once we were all full on crab and soaked with sun, we went home Saturday night and knew we were fortunate to have visited Heaven.
And, for a bonus, we took a video of Finley just recently. She like tummy0-time.