Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter - Finley Style

So, Finley is still here. Mom and Dad haven't taken her back, and I haven't asked. It's like this little pink elephant in the room that there is this new person in the house. Oh well, I like her well enough, so we'll go with it for now.

Here is Finley's 1 week old picture. She always seems to have this look of, "What are you looking at?" Gramma and Grampa were up for that Easter weekend, and Jenny and Ian were hanging out too. I got two Easter baskets. The one from Jenny and Ian had Mater in it. Nice :) That Saturday afternoon we went for an Easter Egg Hunt at our neighbors. Get those EGGS!!! I was happy. I did well. I also hung out with my buddy Ethan. We had fun playing basketball and posing for the camera. I was using my "cheese face" in this picture. Also, please note that Ethan and his brother Jack in the background are wearing matching vests. If my parents ever try to do that with me and Finley, I'm leaving. Chocolate hangovers are rough. Another Finley picture. Notice the look again. "What can I do for you, huh?" Finley made it to 2 weeks old without any big hiccups. Like I said earlier, seems like she is here to stay. . .

Friday, April 2, 2010

What . . . Finley Who???

What is going on? It's like I went away for a couple of days and, when I got back, my parents picked up a bright shiny little baby on clearance. Now there's all this crying, feeding, pooping, coo-coo-cooing.

For those that don't know the story, my Auntie Naynay (Jenny) and Uncle EEEEEEENNNNN (Ian) got married on March 27 and took me down to Portland for the week leading up to the wedding in case Mommy gave birth to Schnitzel. Well, Schnitzel did come, they named her Finley (Bruckner Scharpenberg), and now there's nothing but chaos.
I wasn't there, but Mom and Dad told me that Finley came out 9lbs, 14 ozs, 20 inches long, and with a full head of hair.

It was a rough exit for Finley, but easier for Mom than last time. She started having contractions at 3AM, was at the hospital by 6AM, and Finely came at 10:26AM after 15 minutes of pushing.

They cleaned her up, and now that I think it over, she is rather cute. . .

I first met Finley later that Friday when Jenny, Tina, Bob, and I drove up from Portland for a few hours to surprise Mom/Dad/Finley. But, Mom and Dad quickly turned around, right after getting discharged from the hospital, drove down to Portland for Jenny and Ian's wedding. Great Grampa was there with Great Gramma, along with a bunch of other family (more pictures to come later).

After the wedding there was some hang out time too, this time with Grampa.

Once we finally made it home, everyone was happy and tired. I think Dad and Finley are sleeping in this one. Finley looks wrecked :)

Jenny, aka Mrs Maver, also took some time out to hold Finley.

And sometimes, Finley just hangs out by herself. We'll see where this leads, but she is growing on me.