Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oma wanna play?

Now, Oma came to visit a while back now and it took us almost 5 weeks to get the blog post up. Sorry Oma, just a lot of late night partying with Finley I guess. We don't have a lot of pictures from the weekend, but I can tell you we had a good time. We played a lot! And, we made it to the aquarium too. . .
Finley was in a good mood that day seeing all the fishies, and I had an eel painted on my cheek.
Hey (says Finley), let's go check out the octopus!! That thing has lots of limbs to stick in its mouth, and I only have 4 :(
Oma and I managed a glamour shot on the big otter. I think we look like Abercrombie models, except we're wearing clothes. . .
And, after the aquarium, we went to lunch. It was one of the first time Finley sat in a high chair by herself. Of course, right after this picture, Finley took a header right into the side of the table. Dad felt guilty, but she recovered quickly.
Bottom line, we miss Oma. But, we'll be in Chicago in December to see her and Opa again :)

Where did the sun go?

Hello Everyone,

Can you believe its already October 24? Where did the summer go? Finley is almost 7 months old now and we've been keeping busy all the while. I'd love to be able to give a nice, linear accounting of the last couple months, but turns out this blog is a Google product and is making uploading pictures chronological really hard. At least, Dad says it's Google's fault :)

In mid-September, we were lucky to have Gramma and Grampa come visit for a weekend. I had just gotten a nice new outfit that I had to model for Gramma.
Finley was sporting a pink getup too, and looked very nice if brother is allowed to say so.
For Finley's 6 month "birthday", and Jenny and Ian's 6 month anniversary, I made them both a 1/2 cake.
Finley was really excited about the cake. We think she'll get really excited when she gets her 1 year birthday cake.
Turns out that Auntie Naynay really liked the cake too. They make a good pair, huh?
I started to get into the pictures too. Not my 1/2 anniversary of anything, but I'm just irresistible. . .
Finley is starting to eat solids too. Well, that depends on whether you consider pureed peas real food. . . She seems happy enough though. She rejects everything but Mum Mums and bananas (whole bananas, not pureed).
And, earlier in the summer, we tried Finley in the jogging stroller. For the first time out, we took it really slow, but had a good ride nonetheless.
Let's ride!!!
Okay, Dad and Finley can come too.
I honestly don't remember this day. I think I smiled so hard that it deprived my brain of oxygen.
Okay, I do remember, it was my first day of school. Mom made a bunch of cupcakes for the occasion. I could read a lot of the letters, so I was questioning whether I really needed to go to school. I like it there, so we'll keep going for now. . .
And, before the first day of school, Mom and Dad took us to the circus. Even though I had a little bit of a melt down after some sugary snacks, this day rocked!!
Did I mention the sugary snacks? And before that, Finley turned 5 months old. What can I say, she's cute. She gets a lot of attention, but honestly, can she talk/walk/add/spell? I've got her for now. But, this could get rough. . .
Hey, when does Finley get sugary snacks for her birthday?