Sunday, September 30, 2007

Outta Towners

Hello People,

Had a few folks come visit this weekend, and due to all the negative fan mail I've been getting about keeping the blog current, thought I'd get the pictures out early. Honestly, the pictures can't do seeing me in person justice, so ya'll really need to just make it to Seattle. This is where the party happens every day!

Some have doubted that I came from a human mother, instead attributing my greatness to divine creation. But, here she is, my mom! Source of much love, and food, for me.

Denali has been mentioned on the blog before. She realized how valuable it is to get time with me in person, so she came in from Arizona on her way back to Germany. She's in the running for my #1 girl, but she is certainly my lady in Germany.

The paparazzi caught me here in deep thought. Of course, they spun it to appear that I fell asleep with my finger in my mouth. Just what I expect from such Philistines!!

Me and Gramma. She's always tickling me and trying to get me to smile. Doesn't really help my thug image, but I put up with it cause it's all out of love. And, I might even secretly like it . . .

I'm drunk. Lindsey Lohan can't be the only one that gets to party :)

Still drunk. I happen to be a be a happy drunk, thank goodness.

I also like to eat lots when I'm drunk. So, had to unbutton my pants here after some feasting.

I'm becoming a bigger fan of flying. Grandpa is helping me get airborne here. I'm actually on house arrest and have to wear prison garb. At least its in shades of blue.

But, despite it all, I'm a happy guy. Fame is rough, but I'm keepin' it real!
Finally, a few movies. I keep talking to these folks here, but they just don't know my language.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

First Quarter Results

Hello People,

We've compiled the first quarter results. Guess what, I still ROCK!!! Forget the formalities, let's get the pictures of my partying!!!

Hangin with Dad. He looks kind of sappy, doesn't he?

From sappy to drugged, get it together Dad.
Just chillin sittin up. . . . . . . Yo
Holding court from my throne.
Look into my eyes. . . . . give me your car!


What you looking at? Mind your own business!!!!!!!!!

I'm perfectly comforatble with my body and my Fuzzy Bunz. What's your deal? Yeah, I might put my hand down my pants. What of it?
Have you no decency? I'm trying to bathe here!!! Again, still comfortable with my nakedness, but discrete using the wash cloth.

I'm like a baby in a manger. God complex?

Dad's got me strapped in and doing chores. What a @#$%^$!!!!!

Still cute. Like my cap. I'm hip.

I'm getting older. And, my fingers taste like chocolate. YUM!!!

Uncle Fester from the Adams Family, huh?

I will break you!!!

And, I have a new trick. Check me out.