Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ski your pants off!

Hey Everyone,

Thought I'd share a few pictures from our ski vacation in Whistler. We managed to bring in friends from Portland and Madison, Wisconsin, so it was a blast! I wasn't so sure about Mom and Dad's friends, but it turns out they have good judgement in friends. Must be a glitch. . .

Uncle Brian is a cool guy. It's funny to watch him chase his daughter Jocelyn around as she gets better at walking.
Dad and I managed to get a few ski days in, so that was a plus.
I'm starting to ski on my own and carry my own weight. I'll be hucking cliffs soon :)
But, in the meantime, Aunt Naynay catches me to keep me from barreling down the mountain. My snow plow isn't strong enough yet.
Did I mention I had a good time? Does it cost a lot to live at the mountain? Dad can commute, right?
And, while we spent most the time skiing, we did hit the tube park too. Wa-hooooooo!!!!
The tube was perfect for my size. Fits like a glove.
Mommy, Naynay, and Daddy all did the tubing downhill. It was a ton of fun.
Make note of the rare Mommy picture. Print it, frame it, cherish it. . .
Did I ever mention what Finley and I got for Dad for Christmas? Check it out.
We sent Dad on a heli-skiing trip with the other guys: Brian, Rob, and Ian. Can you say mid-life crisis?
Or, spoiled rotten. Check out the view!
Rob looks happy, right?
And, Uncle Ian was loving life too. I think he's saving pennies for the next trip.
And, once the guys got back from skiing, we met in a local bar to watch video from the trip. The footage was good, but the french fries and chocolate shake were awesome!
And, when the trip was all over, I might have been a little tired. It seems a little unscrupulous to take these pictures of me, but I just haven't been able to stop it so far . . .
Once we were back in the USA, I had a birthday party with my friend Owen. He brought in "Dizzy's Tumbling Bus" for the party. How crazy is this thing?
And then, to top off the whole weekend after the trip, Gramma and Grampa were up to Kirkland to visit. We played with the shooters I got at Christmas. A perfect way to end a week of wonder: shooting guns :)