Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I give thanks for Tina-Bob!

Christmas is past :) Where does the time go? I remember when I was just 28 months old and got in trouble for pulling a bunch of keys off of the laptop. Where has the time gone . . .

Well, we've got a few random pictures from November, and not enough from our trip down to see Aunt Tina and Uncle Bob for Thanksgiving. But, I want to share what I do have, so here goes. We went to the holiday village in Bothell one afternoon and took some pictures there. i was a little tired.

But, they had this really big outdoor train setup that I liked watching.

And then, back at home later that week, I made some cookies with Mom. She has been making cookies like a crazy person, but she likes it, so that's cool.

Then we went to California to visit Aunt Tina and Uncle Bob. I was really excited. Can you tell?

I was a little skeptical of their sleeping arrangement for me, but it turned out to be very posh. Feather bed mattress with pillow bumpers.

Dad and Uncle Bob were a little tired one night and got ambushed by Mortie. I think Dad may have gotten to first base with the "Big Dog".

One afternoon, Aunt Tina was kind enough to let me use her kitchen to make some cookies. It was fun.

And then one night at dinner, Aunt Tina let me have seconds of the lava cake she made for Thanksgiving dinner. At times it seemed like she wanted come bites for herself.

Man, that lava cake was tasty!!!

And, once we got home from our trip to California (sad), I got started taking Thursday soccer classes with "Lil' Kickers".

"Come on guys!! Don't crowd the ball!!

And finally, Mom found this cool place that has bouncy floor everywhere. Even some of the walls will bounce you. I spent 2 hours bouncing here and can't wait for my next trip :)