Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hello Everyone!! Just wanted to get a little holiday message out there as the New Year is knocking on all our doors. I have to say, I had a great first Christmas. There were lots of gifts, most of them for me of course. I'd like to tell all my fans that I appreciate your presents and I play with them all, but in rotation cause there are a few of them :)

Let the pictures begin!! I got pretty tired cleaning the house before all the guests showed up, so I had to take a few minutes out to rest and unwind.

After Omi left, she was so sure that I was going to love carrots. This is what happened with carrots. I was pretty excited at the start.

And I have to say that on the front end, carrots have a nice nose and taste alright.

But then I started getting a hint of the full body and things turned . . .

Maybe I got bad carrots, but regardless of the circumstances, they had to come out :)

I also turned 6 months old on December 19, so we took a few pictures.
I like the outfit for this part of the portfolio. I think of it as my West Side Story look. I just need a jacket.

Here's the tree at the house. I helped decorate with Mom, Dad, Omi, and Oma. . . Notice all the presents. Guess who they are for.

Dad wanted to play with the camera settings, so here's another version of the tree.

Me and Uncle Eric hangin' on the couch. We like to hang.

Me and Gramma. We're buddies. I think she looks pretty in this one.

Dad with the picture effects again. I'm not actually glowing. But, I am rather intrigued with this ribbon.
Presents? Paper?
Me and Aunt Jenny. She's helping me with a few words in this book that I don't know yet.
One of my cool presents from Scott/Julie/Brooke/Drew came in this box. Then Mom put me in the box.


Did I do something wrong? Dad? Mom? Anyone? FREEDOM!?!?!?!?!

And, on Christmas Day, we had snow! I got to wear the cool snow suit that Gramma bought for me. And, note the rare picture with Mom in it. We're picture perfect together.

Ever seen that kid from The Christmas Story? It's gettin' hot in here . . .
But, this outfit is perfect for white Christmases :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

When Grandmothers Attack

The weekend of December 13, Dad's mom and grandmother came to visit. It was a weekend of learning, loving, and spoiling. I'm actually still a little tired, so on to the pictures.

Oma got me walking a bit here and there. I prefer to be chauffeured around all day, but she kept insisting.

Walking is kind of fun though. . .

But, after a while, any normal Joe gets tired and just wants to take a rest.

Oma and I played a game of tag. Of course, every time I got her she managed to get me back in the next swing.

I guess Oma got tired of the game after a a while cause she started choking me . . .
But we made up . . .
And even kissed to put our differences to rest.

I played with Omi too. Actually, we partied!
And then we slept. Gotta rest after all we did.

And, in the midst of it all, my parents were putting together XMAS cards. I think a lot of the fans have seen the next set of pictures.

And we had a Christmas Tree at the house. Notice all the gifts? Most of them are for me :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gobble Gobble . . . Playas!!!!!

Alright, we had over a 1,000 people here for Thanksgiving. Alright, maybe it was more like 15 for family Thanksgiving dinner on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but who is counting. There is a lot of pictorial documentation below, so not much needs saying up here. However, I'd like to give a shout-out to Melissa and "LineRider.com". There is no better way to waste crazy amounts of time on the computer. Yes, I may be young, but I can compute!! Also want to give a big thanks to Aunt/Uncle Tina/Bob for UTube madness. Menergy!!!!

This guy is super sexy, yes? But, he is my Uncle, 60 times my age, and a guy. So, not really an option if you know what I mean. . .

Aunt Nay-Nay, always a favorite chauffeur for me. I want to shove everything in my mouth these days, but the fridge is hard to bring to me.

Aunt Tina, gotta love her. I had to give her a little flack in the beginning. . .

So that we could be super tight in the long run :)

There's my dad and sexy Uncle Bob. Mom says they make a cute couple. I think I'm going to need therapy.

Grampa let me play with his glass. I think there was some kind of tasty chocolate drink in here before I got hold of the glass, so I was cruising for chocolate leftovers!

I worked this glass for all of its tasty chocolaty goodness.

Watch the video. If you listen closely, you can hear my gums squeaking on the glass. I want sugar!!!!!!

What else can you say but man sandwich. These guys aren't afraid to show their affection.

This far distant stare should work well on my next modeling gig, yes?

I'm also acrobatic. Uncle Eric was balancing my here, but I'm doing all the work.

Chillin' with the Andres. Cool crew. They dig me. Really, I have them wrapped around my little finger.

I'm cute.

Uncle Bob is fascinating . . .

We all do things we're not proud of at family gatherings.

At times, Bob even breaks down and holds me. I think I intimidate him, which I should, cause I'm larger than life!!!
As I said earlier, I like to shove everything in my mouth. Here I'm trying to shove beer in my gullet.

They took it away. Come on people, let's live a little.

Balancing with Eric again. Check out my bull-rider pose :)

My mysterious Zoolander look.

Eat my feet!!!

Me and Gramma. She's always makin' me smile. Hurts the image, warms the heart.

Smell my pits!

Me and Aunt/Uncle Tina/Bob. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't figure out a way to get me back to San Francisco without Dad tackling them at the door.

Out for a walk in Kirkland. I'm in the stroller gettin' no love. Notice this rare picture where Mom allows herself to be photographed.

A parting thought: Uncle Bob is sexy. Chocolate Rain!!!!!