Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beautiful Day at the Zoo with Oma and Opa

Hey Everyone, wanted to share some pictures of the family on a beautiful early-April weekend.  We had some amazing weather a couple weeks ago, and even better, my parents came to visit.  We took the Saturday to go to the zoo and it was great.

Tanya got in a couple pictures with the kids.  I'm starting to see more pictures of Tanya "in the wild", so this could become a regular thing :)

My mom and Finley ran around the zoo together, making friends with the animals.  I wonder if Finley's love for animals will be the deciding factor that gets us on a trip to Africa with my parents.  Careful Finley, you may see that Taper in the wild some day without the glass in between.

We went in the reptile house and Finley spent a lot of time checking everything out.  There is a lizard (gila monster?) on the left side of the picture below the glare.  I love how Finley holds her glasses, like a movie star or something.

Now, Connor is more of a rock star, so he's got his glasses on, inside or outside.
Finley decided she wanted to be walking around between Mommy's legs.  Very efficient . . .

I love this picture.  The kids have ice cream, and Opa is figuring out how to steal it (just kidding).  But, it is true that all three are ice cream lovers.  There is something very gratifying about seeing your parents hanging out with your kids.  Now, the next big family trip will be Sunriver where Connor and Finley get to be loved on by both sets of grandparents.  Can't wait!!!