Monday, August 3, 2009

Mt Rainier - I Own You!

Hello Everyone,

I've taken over Connor's blog this time just to get some of the pictures out from one of the summer activities: a climb up Mt Rainier. Some folks may remember that I did a similar trip last year with the same group. This time around, 18 of 21 people in the group made the summit and the money raised will go towards building a school in Nepal that is near crumbling. I mention this because my big takeaway from this year's climb is that I have taken my surroundings for granted. It's too easy to let the days get routine and miss things like the little miracles and surrounding danger. Enjoy the pictures. I can tell you that in person, it was hard to take the surroundings for granted.

Driving to Mt Rainier. It just doesn't seem very big from a distance.

Nisqually Glacier flowing down the mountain as we try to hike up to Camp Muir (base camp).

Base camp at ~ 10,000 ft.
A day hike on Saturday as we got used to the altitude.
Not a ton to do at the summit in the clouds: 14,410 ft.
Hanging out as a group after summiting. I love how people connect over a shared goal.
The way down.