Thursday, November 4, 2010

The holidays are coming!!

Seems like the summer whizzed by, and not we're thinking about the holidays. How did that happen? We'll such is life, and the faster it goes, the more pictures we have. Check it out. . .

Finley is eating solid foods now. She went past pureed stuff really fast and has a deep love for bananas.
We made a trip down to LA to see Great Gramma and Great Grampa, and a bunch of other family that was there too. The flight was Finley's first, and she did a good job.
She did attack the camera, however. . .
Finley and Great Grampa had some fun scaring each other.
Uncle Bob got some Finley time too. This is rare, so save this picture in your archive.
A little girl time with cousin Jamie.
An all ladies picture to show off some girl power.
Aunt Tina abusing me. Yeah, I'll get her next time :)
Cousin Allie and Christine. They've got the glowing skin cause they drove in from Arizona. They make Finley look a little pasty, huh?
And Stephanie and North got into the act too.
Jessica was able to stop by too. They were all smiles about some conversation, but I didn't get the details. Girls are like that . . .
Great Gramma keeps the XMAS tree up all year. How cool is that. We played with some of the ornaments.
And, once we got back to Seattle, I let Mom and Dad chauffeur me around in Finley's stroller. Hey, I take what I can get.
Then it was time for Halloween. Mom made this food tray for the occasion with all edible ingredients. She is good like that.
We had a kids party, and the neighbors brought over their bounce house. Man, I love those things.
And, that Friday after a busy day, I fell asleep in my chair while eating lunch.
We went to the pumpkin patch too, making sure we got dibs on some of the best pumpkins.
Finley hooked a ride with a wheelbarrow. She's getting pretty good sitting on her own now.
Our friend Jack did a little puddle jumping. I applaud his style.
Jack's big brother Ethan is my best buddy. We like to hang.
Just another picture of Fin. But, from her look, you get the sense that she has something determined in mind . . .
And, a brother and sister shot.
We carved pumpkins one Thursday night with Uncle Ian and Aunt NayNay. I really liked my pumpkin.
And I took special care to carve it right, with 10 eyes and everything.
Jenny and Ian took pride in their handy work too.
And, when it was all said and done, we had some nice pumpkins.
I had to get in a cameo appearance too. Can't just show pumpkins without me. . .
I was Dash from the Incredibles for Halloween. I grew some muscles for the event.
We had an evening at my pre-school where a bunch of people decorated the backs of their cars and we went from car to car in the parking lot: "Trunk or Treating".
And, right before the big day, Finley found her way into the candy bucket.
Feed me CANDY!!!!!
Finley was Tinkerbell for Halloween. I thought we made a good pair.
Mom and Dad were Waldo and Wenda. Cute or ridiculous, you decide.
Feed me CANDY!!!
I had to take a ride in the candy bucket too :)
Finished pumpkin product on the front porch . . Trick or Treat!
Tinkerbell on the night of Halloween, strutting her stuff.
And me in my costume. How much candy would you give me with my winning smile?
And, once it was all said and done, Finley got a package from Great Gramma with a new doll to play with. If you can't tell, that's a happy look on her face.