Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I got the pictures out, so this is a jam packed issue. In the last little bit, we went down to Portland to see Gramma and Grampa, did some house projects, and enjoyed some of the nicer spring weather. Here we go!

Down in Portland, I got a chance to play with my cousins Car-Face (Drew) and Cheetoe-Face (Brooklyn). I really like to pick out the my favorite cars. . .
I want that one!
Wait, no I don't. . .
Not this one either! I'll find the right one sooner or later.
When we got back home, Mom made me clean house. I like to Swiffer.

And, I like to rearrange my drawer. Hum, where did I put that nipple?
Where is my sippee cup?

After I clean house, I like to clean up. What you lookin' at?
Yeah, this physique is a work of art.
My Omi sent me a Easter package that had a couple great things in it. I love this duckie.
For my 9 month birthday, Dad let me drive his new car.
No Occifer, I wasn't dwinking.
I love PAPER!!!
I pulled a Connor out of the hat.
Me and Dad doing a little house work. Turned out to be part of my cage (plastic sheeting for the upstairs railing so I can't fall through).
Looks like we're plumbers, huh?
Rockin' the washer and dryer.
I decided, after all the house work, that it was time to get out and enjoy the outdoors.
I'm serious.

Still serious.

Sherpa-Daddy made me tired.