Thursday, January 12, 2012

Catching Up

Hello Everyone,

The Scharpenbergs are back!! We went into a black hole for a couple months, but I think we are back on top of things. I'm not actually sure what that fully means, but at least it means we should be able to do the blog again. And, for a change, I think we're going to change the voice of the blog to mine (Kevin). I have trouble doing it in Connor's voice anymore because he has his own little man voice, and if I were to do it in Finley's voice, I'd have to use a whole lot of capital letters. So, we'll see if I can manage some jokes between pictures. . .

Months ago, after our trip to Sunriver, Finley fell in love with the race medals. I think she models them well, don't you?

And then there was Connor's first day of school. Do you think Connor got his hair right. I bet he got a couple winks from the ladies.

And we managed a ticket to the Eric and Lindsey wedding. The Scharpenbergs dress up at least once a year. I gotta say, I think Tanya and the kids clean up well. Seeing Connor in a tux and Finley in her too too was a bit too fantastic.
Did I mention fantastic?
And then, the same weekend of the wedding, Connor had a chance to play some tennis. Does he look like Federer to you? He's got the fist pump down.
Somewhere in there was a trip to Seattle from Oma and Opa. We made the trip to the zoo one day and it was a blast. Do they look like they are having fun?
In October Connor got a chance to see his cousins from Boise. Scott, Julie, Drew, and Brooke drove to Portland from Boise and Tanya/Connor/Finley met up with them. I stayed back in Seattle for a pre-existing visit with my friend Zan.
Did I mention that the kids look good together, and even better with a gramma and grampa in tow.
Later in October, we went to the pumpkin patch with Ian and Jenny. They had pumpkin launchers and hay bail rides.
Finley got in on the pumpkin picking action.
And we managed another family picture. If we're not careful, we might regularly have family pictures :)
Connor got a chance to stomp in the mud.
So did Finley. I think the pink jacket and hair pigtail provide a great contrast to the mud.
As usual, we carved pumpkins with Jenny and Ian the week before Halloween.
Connor was Optimus Prime this year . . .
Tanya made multiple treats throughout the week. . .
And Finley was a gnome. The hat is the key.
I don't honestly remember for what, but Connor and Finley had reason to bake for something.
Then there was Thanksgiving. We made it to Portland and managed, yes, another family picture.
While in downtown Lake Oswego, we made it to the tree lighting. Finley danced in front of the XMAS band, and had some quality time with Gramma.
We had Thanksgiving dinner at Ian's parents place. Connor may have had some chocolate turkey, maybe just a little. . .
And did I mention, I participated in "Movember" in November. Do you like my mustache?
And, there is much to be said about Connor skiing. He can go down the mountain now without any help from me. I am very, very proud.
I don't remember when this picture is from. But, I like Finley's enthusiasm :)
Oh, now I remember, Finley was really excited because she managed to eat a bunch of the candy that went on to the gingerbread house.
Connor get a cool outfit, inherited from his cousins Charles and Quinn. I think Connor could support Santa every year, don't you?
And, its official, Finley has me wrapped around her finger. Grampa and I took 2 hours to put together her pink kitchen for XMAS. It could have been much worse.
I have no excuse for this picture. None . . .
We had lots of presents under the tree. This year I really appreciated the XMAS decorations and a nice XMAS morning with family, the tree, and presents.
And finally, the last catch up picture. I'll give you a chance to make your own opinion on what presents Finley liked the most that morning :)