Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Ski, Therefore, I AM

Hey Everyone,

I finally got around to using one of my XMAS gifts. SKIs!!!! Can you say Chinese downhill?
Crash helmet, check! No jacket, check! Ready!!!!
I'm doing it Dad! Wait, stop helping me so much, your hands are in my face.
About an hour into our day, I was getting pretty good. No more in between Dad's legs.
What can I say. You can't hide pure joy.
Dad, I don't need a nap today, right?
Check out the kid over on the right. I think that kid needs some lessons.
Okay Dad, fine. Time to go home for a nap. When are we coming back?

Can Santa Clause come back next week?

Hey Everyone,
Still running about a month late with pictures, but better late than never. We had a great XMAS! It all just went so fast. But, I do have to say it took me 3+ hours to finish opening my presents, so that part held out for a good while :)

And after each gift I spent some time getting to know the new addition to my collection before moving on to another gift. It seemed only fitting. . . Uncle Ian and Aunt Jenny were with us on Christmas. Uncle Ian got me this crazy magna-doodle that lights up in a bunch of different colors. I like it a lot!
Did I mention that Gramma and Grampa joined us via Skype. We had a video conferenced XMAS morning too :)
After the morning session, Daddy and I had to rest for a little while. It was all very exhausting.
In the afternoon session, I got some skis. This is foreshadowing for future blogs, so take note.

A couple days later, Oma and Opa came to visit too. They brought me some gifts that Santa had left at their place and we played a lot!
Then, for New Years, we had some of my friends over. He had hats, poppers, and celebrated the turn of the year 12 hours in advance (in Abu Dabi I think).

We got those party extender things that I learned how to use (thank you Anna-Sofia).
And, for the whole holiday season, Mommy and I made a gingerbread train for the kitchen. I know grown men don't cry, but I did shed a tear when we finally threw it away.