Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Part Deux

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the lag time, but we're still a little behind on the photos. This set is from before Halloween when we went to the second pumpkin patch. Listen, when you find a good thing, it's hard to get enough. . .

Hello Chicken, can I pet you? Bigawk!!

We brought a cart into the field to bring back our pumpkins. Dad needed a little help keeping the thing moving.

Then Mommy started threatening to come get me and I just couldn't help but laugh. . .

and laugh . . .

This funny things looked like a great toy, but Mom and Dad wouldn't let me bring it home. They are so restrictive.

Check out my new boots! They're cool, allow Mom and Dad to leave me running around in puddles in mud, and they have monsters on the toe area.

We went to the patch with our friend Allison, Brad, and Foster. Our parents thought it would be fun to pose me and Foster on some hay bails.

Do I look happy to you?

But, I have to admit that the Simcox men do make a formidable joint force (with fashion sense too).

Then we went back out into the pumpkin patch. I found this pumpkin and thought it looked tasty.

So I took a bite. . .

and after some deliberation. . .

I decided it was delicious. Give me a KISS!!!
Does the dirt on the road also taste fantastic?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Launching "Connor in Motion"

Hey Folks,

Mom and Dad bought a new camcorder, so here we go :) They want to post videos on the right side of the blog, so check out "Connor in Motion" to see some of my recent, glorious moments. And, to get rolling, below are some starters. . .

I can DANCE!!!

And, I can SLIDE!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Please Feed the Amnimals

If any of you folks out there have good reason for this, I'd like to know. I went to the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago with Mom, Claire, and Angela. Why is it that all these pumpkin patches have amnimals? What is an Alpaca anyway? I know I haven't been around a long time, but what kind of amnimal is this, anyway? Distant cousin to the Llama? Strange cross between a poodle and a camel, a cama-doodle? Okay, enough of my rant, on to the pictures. . .

Goats say Eeeeeeeeee. At least, that's what Mom and Dad have taught me. I didn't hear these goats making that sound though.

Hey, you!! Come over here please! I want to talk to you.

Hmmmm, they're actually not as small as I thought. Kind of intimidating when rearing on their hind legs. . . I still want to talk to you!

Claire, enough with the Alpaca flirting. This is serious business. Don't encourage them.

What? We're going to feed them? That seems strange. I'll like it? Okay, I'll give it a shot.

Hey Goat, want some tasty food pellets? Eeeeeeeeee!

Does that look mean the goat is happy? Well, he's sticking his face through the fence, so maybe he wants more.

Here you go Mr Goat. Let me shove some more in there.

Once the goats had their fill, we went over to the wild hay bale riding rodeo. Ride em hay bale!!! I went for way more than 8 seconds. I should go join PBR (professional bull riding).
Clarie as Farmer Claire. She pulls it off well I think.

Farmer Berg here. Where's my tractor?
Once we were done playing farmer, we headed out to the pumpkin patch itself. Is this the right way. Guys?

Not the right way? Okay, I'll follow you.

I see PUMPKINS!!! Look at them all. I think they're calling to me.
Gettem before they run away.

Which one do I want? They all look so good. Did that one just move? Mommy, are they still alive?

I don't feel like this field of pumpkins is a defensible position. I'm moving to higher ground.

Hit the road jack, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. . .

Mini pumpkins!! I can handle these guys if they attack. They're kind of cute.

Wait a minute. Some of these things don't look like pumpkins. What's with all these crazy shapes and colors? Is this the land of mutant pumpkins?

Oohhhhhh, they're squashes. I get it now. God really does create some crazy stuff. Well, let's role with it.

To complete this post, what should this species be called? Looks like a cross between a rocket ship, pumpkin, and zucchini. . . a rockpumpccini? ? ?

C is for COOKIES!!!!!!

To celebrate Halloween, Mommy and I decorated cookies with our friends Angela and Claire. Well, it started out as decorating, but quickly turned to eating. I just couldn't resist all that yummy orange and green frosting! :)

Claire was quite the decorating expert.

But, I was a bit of a bad influence and encouraged the eating of her beautiful masterpieces.

Mommy took away the cookie...but forgot to get all the little candies.

My final product...beautiful, no?

Kelso Shout Out

At the beginning of October, we were lucky to have Gramma and Grampa bring Charles and Quinn to come visit. We laughed, we cried, we just had a good time all around. You can judge for yourself . . .

Before commencing with the festivities, I played a little guitar with Daddy. He's pretty rusty, so I gave him some pointers. All in all, he's teachable.

Once we had everyone together, we had a Saturday night feast. Main entree, olives!!!
I lika da olives!!

I like to pack a couple in my mouth at the same time and get my chew on. Mom and Dad look worried sometimes, but I think they fuss a lot. I'm a big boy now.

Gramma even introduced a new olive delivery method. It was a great productivity gain as we could go from an inventory of 10 to 20 almost instantaneously. With her 10 fingers plus mine, we combine for some real "just in time delivery" power.
Okay, so maybe I got a little on me. BATH TIME!!! Hey, no pictures in here!! I don't want to encourage any inappropriate crushes with the ladies out there.

All clean and time to party. I put on a little Drakkar Noir and got the dance floor working.

Rest break. It's pretty hard to keep up with the party pace in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, home of block parties and nice lawns and 2.5 dogs per family. What do you think is going on with Charles here? Sugar crash from too many Kiddy Cocktails?

Back to the guitar. I wanted to play a couple of power ballads for the family, but Dad wouldn't let me get out the guitar. I think he was afraid of me showing him up.

Nice picture of Charles, Quinn, and Gramma.

And of course, Dad is rocking out by playing some video games on his cell phone. Dad, your so 90s. Of course, you can just catch Auntie Nay-Nay texting on the left, and that's cool. Just wanted to be clear on that point.

We got out the playdough for a little craft action. Charles and Quinn had the advanced skills going while I figured out the basics and tasted the product.
YUMMY!!!!! More please.

By the end of the weekend, I still had a lot to learn, but we had a great time.