Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Miss Sunriver

It's been about a month since our trip to Sunriver. I just want to reminisce one last time with the final pictures from the trip. Only 11 months until next time!!

We watched some good movies during the trip. Rattatui!!! We found that huddling together and watching the movies under the coffee table was better than watching on the big screen TV.

Us kids decided to line up our toys one afternoon on the deck. Can anyone find Spencer's tender?
I got some good ice cream on the trip. But, there was always danger that someone would swoop in and steal a bite. NayNay!!!!
Hmmm, only half left :(

We also went to the stables and rode a horse! Don't we look all J. Crew?
I contemplated my human frailty as I saw the horse in the distance, but the helmet made me feel better.
Mommy! Daddy! This doesn't seem safe. . .
But Drew, he was all "John Wayne". He just had fun.
So did Brookie. Can't you just see her thinking, "I make this look good!"

Group picture!! We all gave our scary faces, grrrrrrr. I don't think Brooke got the memo.
Check out the Christie family. Pretty picture perfect, don't you think?

And then a picture with Dad and Oma, representing the German contingent.
Gramma has a kind of East Coast casual cool look going, don't you think?
One afternoon us kids had a little summit in the master suite's tub. And no, we're not up to trouble.
After group consensus, we went and played golf one afternoon. Group picture!
Opa was good on the links, but I think I was the best.
Mommy and NayNay look alike. But they can't fool me. I know my mommy!
Ready, set, hole in one!
And then there were the trips to the pool. I found it a little easier to get around when wearing goggles. And, they looked sweet!
Me and mommy at the pool. Now, appreciate this picture because mommy sitings in pictures are rare.
I found this noodle at the pool and really enjoyed playing with it. I could talk into one end and have Daddy hear my special message at the other end.
Brookie and Aunt Ma went down the slide a couple times. Looked like fun to me, but I decided to wait until next year to try myself.
Another group picture with Aunt Tina and Uncle Bobdo. They were a lot of fun in Sunriver (they bought ice cream too)!
Feed my belly!

And before you knew it, the trip was over. We had so much fun and it all went quickly. Well, there's always next year. And, maybe next time, Drew will have his "cheese" face ironed out :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fort Rock Park

Hey Everyone,

I gotta tell you that I love Sunriver. Clean dry air, summer temperatures, and a nature atmosphere. We went to the park on the first day and had a blast. I was playing tetherball with Gramma and I cleaned house!
Brookie was playing on the half ladder until this weird guy came up. . . oh yeah, that's Uncle Bob. No really, Uncle Bob :)

Hi Uncle Bob, do you like my x-ray sunglasses?
Then I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to get up there too. Bob gave me a lift. I like that guy.
I tried to make a break for it on the zip line, but Gramma had me figured out. Wahoo!!!!

Pick'n up speed :)

I believe I can fly. . .
Brooke and Drew liked this merry-go-round thingy, but I noticed a bit of concern on the faces of the moms in the crowd. Seemed to me that, if you let go, you could get some serious distance before reaching terra ferma.

Do jack dog and I look similar. No blood relation. And, how about my tat on my right forearm. That's fierce!!

More flying here, this time on a swing.

I like kicking my head back and enjoying the rush.

And at the end of our park adventure, everyone was taking turns on the see-saw.

When I got on there I even got some air.

On the way home, we took turns walking Jack. It's much safer than walking Katie.
Brooke ran Jack a little to tire him out. Mush!
This picture seems a little "Sound of Music", huh?
I keep trying to get Drew to loosen up for pictures, but it's just not happening yet. Keep on trying big Cus.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


We went on our annual trip to Sunriver a couple of weeks ago. There are lots of pictures and I will need a couple of posts to get through them all. So, let me start from the beginning. :)

We went down a day earlier this year so that Daddy could join Uncle Scott and Aunt Julie in the Pacific Crest Half Marathon. This is Daddy before the race. I thought I should get one last picture...just in case.

Those of us too lazy to actually run the race went to go cheer everyone else on. We left the house nice and early, picked our spot, and waited...and waited...and waited...but no runners... This is me waiting.
Finally, a nice lady told us we were in the wrong spot. Oops! When we got to the right place, this is what we saw. But, sadly, we had already missed Daddy, Uncle Scott and Aunt Julie.
So, we raced to the finish line to find them. Here is Uncle Scott finishing. Did I mention that he pushed Brooke and Drew?!?!? He finished at 1 hour 38 minutes...67th out of about 1400 competitors. Uncle Scott is a machine! He said this was Brooke and Drew's last race because they are getting too heavy...maybe I can convince him to push me next year...
Here's Daddy. Woo hoo...he made it!
It must not have been too bad, he's planning to run again next year.
Here comes Aunt Julie!

There were snacks for the competitors after the race. Daddy was nice enough to share...mmm oreos.
Me with the superstars!
The Christie Family Racers!
Next up, the park...